The Slabotsky Method for Musicians

originated, developed and taught by David Slabotsky, R.M.T
What musicians have to say . . . . .
“The first time I went to see David Slabotsky I was desperate. I thought  that I would never play the violin again because of the severe pain I suffered. That day, when I left, I knew that I would play again. He helped me when nobody else could. Over time, he taught me how to move and also how to think while I was playing. I have a new appreciation for music and the violin. Thank you David!”    L.M.
“David Slabotsky is worth his weight in gold for any performer who wants to achieve her/his full potential and for any teacher who wishes the same for his/her students.”    N.J.
“You have helped me so much, and now I feel my arm is on the road to complete recovery. I hope that anyone suffering pain through playing a musical instrument is able to meet you.”    M.F.
“In terms of teaching me simple concepts that I have been able to apply quickly and effectively on a daily basis no one has done as much for me as David Slabotsky. He is an exceptionally fine manipulator of the physical body but more than that, he gives straightforward advice about playing my instrument that is remarkably accurate and helpful.”   F.J.
“I have worked with David in both a master class situation and privately and would strongly recommend that any musician with the opportunity to work with him do so.   M.G.
“David saved my embouchure when no one else could. “  J.K.
“I came to David Slabotsky with a painful injury in my bow hand incurred after years of playing the violin. Within weeks the pain began to be reduced considerably, to the point where only a few months after the injury I was playing as much as before, and with greater skill and ease.”   A.H.

This unique method shows musicians, regardless of the instrument they play, how to perform, practice and train at peak levels without risking injury due to repetitive strain, faulty body mechanics, or destructive technique.

It teaches musicians who have already been injured how to recover and resume playing without recreating their injuries or incurring new ones.

.As a specialist in orthopedic manipulation, with over 30 years experience in the treatment of pain and injury, David is exceptionally qualified to assess and address the physical dimension of performance, practice and training. As a performance coach, the success of his work in private sessions and master classes attests to his gift for enabling musicians, students and professionals alike, to maximize their technique and artistry.

In treating musicians for pain and injury, David realized that, after treatment concluded, musicians had to play as well or better than before they were injured. To ensure this, David requests musicians bring their instruments to the treatment or teaching sessions. David observes the musicians and listens to them play and creates an individualized treatment, training and practice program for them.

Because these personalized programs are so successful, musicians come for sessions even when they aren’t injured, to learn how to overcome obstacles in their technique and develop their musical abilities to the highest possible degree. And herein lies an important fact: many musicians never realize their full potential because they have physical restrictions (known or unknown to them or their teachers) which limit their ability to progress beyond a certain point, no matter how hard they practice, no matter how hard they try. These restrictions can only be resolved through precise, effective manipulation coupled with technique that is harmonious with the individual musician’s biomechanics. The SlabotskyMethod® addresses this problem clearly and successfully.

In addition to his work with individual performers, teachers, and students from some of the finest schools of music, including Curtis, Eastman, Indiana, Juilliard, Oberland, David has worked with musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Taffelmusik, the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra, the National Ballet Orchestra, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal Mendelssohn Trio, the Caliban Quartet. He has given highly acclaimed master classes at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, and at the famed Quebec music academy Domaine Forget.

David Slabotsky was licensed as a Registered Massage Therapist in 1979 and began studying orthopedic manipulation in 1981 under the direction of Osteopathic physicians and physicians specializing in Manual Medicine. He also earned a diploma in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (1985) and in Hypnotherapy (1998). In response to the many musicians who came to his practice, David developed his special Method to help them.