Severe and Intractable Pain
Severe and intractable pain is very extreme pain that either can’t be treated successfully, or that isn’t being treated successfully. As a rule, we associate this kind of pain with diseases, like cancer, or endometriosis, or with classic painful conditions like facial pain. Severe and intractable pain is pain that even powerful medication won’t erase.

There are two kinds of severe and intractable pain that I come across in my practice. One is the pain associated with a disease, and the other is pain of a mechanical origin.

More commonly, I come across the pain of a mechanical origin. For example, if a person has severe and intractable pain due to a spasm in her gut, if the spasm can be resolved then the pain will disappear. It happened that I once was called upon to treat a woman for that very reason. She had been hospitalized for weeks with intractable gut pain. The pain began immediately after a seemingly innocuous fall in the park. She was subjected to a long series of tests while in hospital and given heavy pain medication. All her tests came back negative and the pain persisted.

Fortunately, her pain was mechanical in origin. She had a palpable soft tissue twist in her abdomen. Within minutes of resolving this twist the pain disappeared and she was able to return to work.

What about intractable pain that isn’t mechanical in origin?
For this kind of pain, I‘ve found that hypnosis is very successful. It may not cure the cause of the pain, but it can greatly ease or sometimes completely erase the pain itself. People with severe and intractable pain should consider hypnosis. It can reduce or eliminate pain and thereby the potential side effects of pain medication.
I’m very thankful I can offer hypnosis to people with severe and intractable pain. It has brought relief when everything else has failed.